We maintain many of the age old traditional methods used in Polish cuisine, while also bringing it into the 21st century by presenting dishes with a contemporary twist. Using only the finest ingredients, producing by hand, and with love, here in Yorkshire.

In true family tradition, Monika continues in her grandparent’s steps. Back in the day, Dziadek Tadeusz (Grandpa) ran a small livestock farm where he produced his own meat products, with a special love for kiełbasa (smoked and cured Polish sausage). Babcia Leontyna (Granny) would be in the kitchen preparing pierogi, bigos, barszcz and a host of other dishes. Monika’s childhood memories are full of love and fondness for this time in her life, watching the local village folk queuing down the road to the smoke-house for the renowned kiełbasa.

Dziadek and Babcia, with eternal love, and forever in memory of you.

Monika x

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