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Pierogi (Polish dumplings)
Pan fried, garnished with chives, and served with sour cream and pickled red cabbage
3 pieces - £5.50 

1. Cheese & Potato (Vegan)
2. Mushroom & Sauerkraut (Vegetarian)
3. Goat Cheese & Beetroot - (Vegetarian)

Also available poached, and served in a vegetable broth - 
3 pieces - £7.50


Hunter's Stew (Bigos) - £9.00
Made with fermented cabbage, cuts of pork and beef, Polish sausage (Kilebasa), mushrooms and a dash of red wine.

Żurek - £8.50
Rye soup with Polish sausage (Kiełbasa), egg, potatoes, onions and garlic. Served in a bread bowl.

Chicken Schnitzel - £14.00
Pan-fried chicken breast in breadcrumbs. Served with roasted baby garlic potatoes, and pan-fried Sauerkraut with Rosemary.

Polska Burger - £9.50
Pork and bacon patty, pickled red cabbage, gherkin, and a honey mustard sauce. Served in a Pretzel bun.

Chicken Burger - £9.50      
Breaded chicken fillet, pickled cucumber and chilli, Salsa Verde, and pistachio lemon mayo. Served in a Pretzel bun.

Veggie Burger - 9.50 (Vegetarian)
Courgette, beetroot and mushroom patty, pickled red cabbage, Balsamic glaze, chutney, and Salsa Verde. Served in a Poppy seeded Beetroot bun. 

Kiełbasa Sandwich - £9.50
A choice of two hand-made Polish sausages. Served in a Pretzel bun, with pickled red cabbage, gherkin, and a cheese and horseradish sauce.
1. Gently seasoned pork sausage (Hunter sausage)
2. Garlic Sausage

Pulled Pork Sandwich - £9.50
With apple and cabbage slaw, tomato, onion, and chilli sauce. Served in a seeded Charcoal bun.


Garlic and herb baby roasted potatoes - £3.50 (Vegan)

Hand-cut Fries - £3.50 (Vegan)

Pan-fried Sauerkraut with Rosemary - £3.50 (Vegan)

Sliced Polish gherkins picked in salted water - £3.50 (Vegan)
TODAY'S SPECIALS: Kiełbasa HotDog - £5.00. Handmade smoked sausage in a bun With fried onions (tomato sauce and Polish mustard on the side). A choice between Hunter (Myśliwka), a classic pork sausage, or Garlic Sausage. Meat Pierogi (4 pieces) - £8.00. Dumplings filled with ground pork and beef, served with (or without) a rich Wild Mushroom broth. Chicken Schnitzel - £14.00. Pan fried chicken breast in breadcrumbs, served with roasted baby garlic potatoes and Kapusta (Sauerkraut).
CAKE: Pistachio & White Chocolate Cheesecake - £5.00 p/slice. Blueberry & Almond Cheesecake - £5.00 per slice.
Espresso - £1.50.
Double Espresso - £2.10.
Americano - £2.30.
Latte - £2.30.
Cappuccino - £2.30

Hot Chocolate - £2.80.

Tea - £2.80.
English breakfast tea.
Arabian Night (black-green tea of multiple origin).
Lapsang souchong (smoked black tea).
Elderberry Peach (black tea with elderberry & peach).
Lady Hebden (Earl Grey & orange - black Assam leaf).
Earl Grey Exotic (fruity green & white tea).
Dragon Wing (premium green & white tea with a hint of dragonfruit).
Marrakesh (Morrocan mint tea).
Berry Beauty (green tea & mixed berries).
Earl Grey Roobos (caffeine free).
Dreamcatcher (caffeine free -  petals with cherry & raspberry).

Soft Drinks
Tymbark fruit drinks (still - 250ml) - £1.50.
Pepsi / Diet Pepsi (330ml) - £2.00.
Mineral Water (still - 500ml) - £1.50.
Sparkling Water (500ml) - £2.80.


Leventhorpe Madeleine Angevine 2015 (ABV 11.5%) - White - 75cl - £15.00
Leeds vineyard, light and delicate, whitecurrent and lemon fruit, clean and crisp

Torres Santa Digna Caberney Sauvignon (ABV 13.5%) - Rose - 75cl - £15.00
Chile. Perfume notes of plum and strawberry with hints of grapefruit. Full bodied with fine acidity on the palate.

 Uva Non Grata Gamay (ABV 12.5%) - Red - 75cl - £15.00
France. Packed with amazing fruit aromas, delicious soft red berry flavours and a note of dark chocolate.

Le Dolci Colline Prosecco Spumante (ABV 11.5%) - Prosecco - 75cl - £16.00
Italy. Fresh and gently fruity fizz withcitrus and green applr aromas. A clean refreshing finish.


Kirkstall Pilsner - Lager Beer (ABV 4%) 440ml - £4.00

Tyskie Gronie - Lager Beer (ABV 5.2%) 500ml - £4.00

Kirkstall Virtuous - Session IPA (ABV 4.5%) 330ml - £3.50

Kirkstall Providence - New England Pale Ale (ABV 5.2%) 440ml - £4.50
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